Discover the best views of Malaga

Not a day goes by when there is nothing to do at Muelle Uno. We’ve got a mission and it’s for you to experience Malaga like never before, whether you’re local or it’s the first time you’ve stepped foot in this remarkable city.


If you love anything with wheels, the guys in charge of your guided tour of Malaga are QQBikes, with a host of options from cool electric bikes, electric scooters and Segways. You’ve never seen a Segway? You don’t know what you’re missing!


If you prefer to be left to your own devices, you can also opt to hire and feel a real sense of freedom as you set off to explore the city. You’ll experience the very same feeling with a coffee or a nice glass of wine along the seafront, guaranteed.

A boat trip is another great way to spend a fun afternoon with friends or a (very) romantic evening with someone special. We’re pretty certain that you won’t have witnessed a sunset like the one you’ll enjoy from the boat!


And if you don’t like heights, rest assured, there’s no need to climb up high to enjoy the spectacular views that Malaga spoils us with every evening. You just have to take a stroll, forget about the time and let the sun do the rest. The only thing that’ll be on your mind is what perspective you prefer and that’s where it’ll be. That landscape that’d leave a lasting impression on anyone who’s lucky enough to witness it. Take a moment to observe the contrasts, the silhouettes of the ships tracing out Malaga’s skyline, the calm of the sea becoming awash with colour from the sun setting


And the best thing is that this is a daily occurrence at Muelle Uno.