Anything and everything for your home

Fashion and home decor

Sometimes you just fancy a little treat. It could be a special something for yourself or you may feel like buying a pretty trinket for your home (because we all know too well that “home, sweet home” doesn’t happen overnight).


Have you heard of Ale-hop! From now on, whenever you receive visitors, expect to hear never-ending compliments like “Your house is so lovely,” “Where did you buy that?”, “I want to live here!”. They’ll all be thanks to all the little quirky knick-knacks you found in Ale-hop.

With the perfect blend of home decor and fashion, Bailly Bijoux is THE place to find beautiful high-end dresses. Their stores have everything imaginable, from antique Tibetan tables to the most amazing dresses, not to mention accessories, footwear, home decor and so much more. The added bonus is that there’s only two or three of each item, so exclusivity is guaranteed. And don’t forget to stop at Etxart&Panno if you’re on the lookout for “that dress”.


Do you have a thing for special fashion items? You’ll love each and every one of our stores. Shops like Lacoste and FC&CO stock all the best brands, and you’re sure to find those jeans and trainers you were looking for.


If you carry on wandering through Muelle Uno, KIKO Cosmetics, Origani luxury cosmetics, Soloptical glasses, the huge range of shoes in Deichmann and Oteros and Primor’s selection of products are bound to catch your eye.

No one can resist Muelle Uno!