José Carlos García, the port’s star chef

Restaurant José Carlos García is located in a beautiful setting within the Muelle Uno complex, next to La Capilla and just a few metres from the seafront.

José Carlos García (Malaga, 1974) belongs to a generation of culinary professionals who has put Malaga on the map for its cuisine. He took his first steps as a chef with his parents’ help but went on to train in the most prestigious culinary schools in the city. Always enthusiastic about learning and teaching new Spanish haute cuisine techniques, José Carlos García has received numerous awards, including Best Chef in Andalusia in 2009.


Every year, the restaurant designs a special menu, based on seasonal dishes from Malaga, and this year is no different. As an example, the theme chosen for 2017 was A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and José Carlos García commented, “We’re always thinking about seasonal products, how hot it already is and how hot it’s going to be and, above all, what visitors come looking for. They want to experience a hint of Malaga, as they admire the moon creeping up when the sun is setting on a summer’s night.” This menu does highlight “those hints of Malaga, with lots of chilled options: conchas finas (clams served raw), chilled soup and sardine espetos. It has everything that anyone who visits the city wants to try, but we put our own twist on it”.

The star chef highlights three dishes on his “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” menu, which are: Campari orange cocktail, a popular cocktail transformed into a delicious dish, the concha fina Bloody Mary  and the Sardine espeto with Andalusian miso.

An unbeatable location, an open kitchen, where diners can admire the chefs at work, meticulously designed menus and unrivalled quality all add to an unforgettable dining experience. What’s more, Restaurant José Carlos García is the perfect place to hold corporate events in a wonderful setting, as it can host groups of 160 people.

To add to the Muelle Uno experience, José Carlos García recommends Terraza Deviú. According to him, it’s a place that “makes you feel like you’re on a ship balcony, where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and the fresh summer breeze”. And, it is not just about the views; the bar also offers a unique, fun cocktail menu.

Muelle Uno’s environment naturally inspires José Carlos García’s work. We asked him to tell us a place that inspires him, his favourite space and time of day at Muelle Uno: “La Capilla is my biggest inspiration for sure, it is what I always dreamed of and I finally managed to come here. My favourite space is my restaurant and the best time of day for me is sunset; the evenings are magical with the sun, the views…”

And what would a perfect day be like for José Carlos García at Muelle Uno?

“A perfect summer’s day for me at Muelle Uno would be when I have guests and bring them here in the morning and we stroll or ride our bikes around. We’d have something to eat al fresco and then go back for a siesta and return at around 6 or 7-ish in the evening for an ice cream and walk from Muelle Uno to the Maritime Station. I love it at between 7 and 8 as it is most beautiful time of day. Then, we’d do a bit of shopping and of course stay for dinner. There’s such a range of places to choose from, it’s really the best place to bring friends who are visiting.”

One of the most important things at Muelle Uno is safety. You really have peace of mind and that’s difficult to feel in other places. “Everything’s easy and people appreciate that, especially people who are visiting the city. Muelle Uno has so much on offer, it’s hard to just name one place.

Telephone: +34 952003588