Who hasn’t ever lost their parking ticket? Or got in the car to leave the car park and realised that you hadn’t gone to the cash machine?

At Muelle Uno we want to make things easy for you so that when you come to visit us with your car, everything runs smoothly. It’s very simple: download the free Pass&Pay mobile app, register with a few simple steps and pay from your phone. You will have to enter your payment details or, if you prefer, you can add a balance to the app.

The application has several ways of working:

  • With the ticket code: For this option you don’t need to download the app before entering the car park. At the entrance barrier you will be given a ticket -as is normally the case-. This ticket has a code so that, once you leave the car park, you can enter it in the application through the payment with ticket code option. You will not need to go to the cash machine to make the payment.


  • With registration: This is, in our opinion, the most convenient option. You will have to register and enter your registration details before entering the car park. When you arrive, the barrier will open directly for you, registering your entry time. When you’ve finished having a great time at our centre, all you have to do is take your car and go through the exit barrier, which will open for you after a second! Payment will be made automatically.

You arrive, you enjoy and you leave. How much better does that sound? Now it’s easier to live carefree, straight to the car and no waiting!